Resiliencecreates values

Sustainable Development

As a result of perseverance and dedication, Dat Phuong has always worked towards sustainable values that contributed to the development of the state's economy.Alongside with it is the will, the unwavering determination of the entire boards and employees in creating products, services that are real values to customers, investors, partners, and commitment to the natural and social environment.

At Dat Phuong Group, we always keep in mind that each employee is a link of the collective, each project is a success of the enterprise, 
Every single action is made up of the greatest dedication, creativity, effort, and responsibility to bring the best quality products and services. Therefor, it's not just bringing satisfaction and real value to customers, partners, shareholders,  employees and ourselve that contribute to the sustainable development of the country's and community economies.

Each member of Dat Phuong is a separate individual, but we are living in a chun house named Dat Phuong - a house that we jointly build and nurture. Solidarity and humanity in that house are the premise for development. This is one of the humane activities of the Board of Directors and Dat Phuong's staff with the aim of improving production and taking care of employees' lives. In addition, the corporation is always proactive, participating in social activities in various forms, bringing good and practical values to the community.