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Khanh Hoa - Buon Ma Thuot Highway (phase 1)

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Package XL03: Construction of section Km54+500 - Km68+854.48 (including survey, construction drawing design) under Component Project 2 - Khanh Hoa - Buon Ma Thuot Highway Construction Investment Project (phase 1)


Total route length L = 14,365 km. Highway level 100, design speed Vtk=100 km/h. The cross section has 4 lanes with roadbed width Bn = 24.75m. High level main road surface A1. The bridge project is designed with prestressed reinforced concrete. The tunnel project consists of 2 single tunnels, each tunnel's cross-section has width B=10.55m, including 02 motor vehicle lanes Bcg = 2x3.75m = 7.5m


Buon Ma Thuot City


Project Management Board Unit 6