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Thon 3 Bridge

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Thôn 3 bridge spans Co Co river, part of the project to develop the environment and urban infrastructure to respond to climate change in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province. The bridge is located on Dung Si and Dien Ngoc streets, facing Viem Dong beach. The project has a total construction value of more than 274 billion VND


This is the first steel arch bridge built in Quang Nam province and also the first steel arch bridge in Vietnam to have an oblique main arch with an angle of 10º52' without using a horizontal connection system, two arches facing outward to create a shape. The crane's wings are flying, creating a unique architectural symbol. The main arch is a steel structure spanning 99 meters long with a total weight of more than 1,000 tons, including 26 arch segments with a trapezoidal load-bearing box core section. Arch and load-bearing beam structure combined through cable car system, 02 arch planes have 38 cable car bundles with vehicle design running in the middle


Quang Nam province


Management board of investment projects for construction of traffic works in Quang Nam province